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Thursday, January 10, 2013

RTI: Phonemic Awareness

I have a couple of littles that are struggling so much with phonemic awareness...they're just not used to playing with sounds, they're unaware that sounds can be manipulated..sometimes it seems like they can't hear the beginning sound..sometimes it's the ending..and don't get me started with rhyming! Ohgoodnessme..rhyming is soooo hard for one little in particular.

A while back I voiced some concern over this itsy bitsy problem..and lo and behold sweet Amanda Richardson from Mrs. Richardson's Class..came to the rescue and sent me the most amazing packet to help out my littles...isn't that sweet?! Here it is organized in my pretty pink binder...my little that's struggling with rhyming is loving the activities...I like this packet so much that I decided to give Amanda a shout out!

Take a look at all the things she has included:

This wonderful tool is meant to help the classroom teacher easily organize their intervention activities and data keeping. Amanda has included a variety of interventions, assessments, and data sheets to keep you organized. I personally used the assessment provided as a pre-assessment..I documented where my littles are at this time..I've been providing interventions based on their needs and then will reassess in two weeks. I'm hoping that these interventions will help..so far they're loving the little songs and the fun activities. I {puffy} heart that all of the data sheets are provided..it'all combined together in one little package..and as a
Texas teacher I'm lovin' that the activities are aligned with the TEKS..score!

The pictures above show you just the rhyming area in my binder...I keep all intervention activities in sheet protectors or in the small brown envelopes for easy handling. The following list is what's included in the rest of the packet.

Phonemic Areas Addressed:
Syllable Segmentation
Beginning Sounds
Ending Sounds
Medial Sounds
Blending Onset-Rime
Phoneme Blending
Deleting Phonemes
Segmenting Phonemes

Included are:
21 intervention activities (3 for each area addressed)
9 easy data recording sheets (1 for each area addressed)
9 assessments (1 for each area addressed)
9 explanation pages (1 for each area addressed)

If you're interested in Amanda's neat little packet...you can find it here.
Amanda is so sweet..she is giving the complete First Grade RTI: Phonemic Awareness packet  to one of you!
All you have to do is stop by her little blog..and start following her, then come back and leave a message here on this post..don't forget to leave your email addy. I'll choose a winner on Sunday.
Good luck! 


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